4 november 2009

Davide Durjava is een Italiaanse Singer Songwriter
Hans Tiger Smits en Paula Westra de journaliste ontdekte
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From 1999 the songwriter Davide Durjava starts writing indie, alternative, acoustic music and lyrics for a new project, called Rushlette (2001).
On August 6th 2007, after few singles, the first album arrives, "rushlette". Acoustic style, guitars, voices, piano and violins; this is Rushlette.
After two years touring and promoting Davide meet Hans Tiger Smits from Stiens, Holland (André Hazes, Renee de Haan, Crashed In April and Maywood are some of the names he worked for). About Mr H. T. Smits: www.koe-mjoezik.nl
Since June 2009 Hans Tiger Smits is Rushlette's producer.
Rushlette plays in a few radiostations in Holland for the new promotion.
In a few months Davide will move to Leeuwarden, a place in the north of The Netherlands. There he will record new songs and prepare a new album with Apremidi Studio (Biem)and Hans Tiger Smits and Wouter v/d Wal (Katterpillaar)
Stay tuned on Rushlette!

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